Antares at VueConf 2017

Antares At VueConf2017

More than 300 creatives from many corners of the globe met up in Poland this June to be a part of what has been hailed as the first official Vue.js conference on the international scale. Curious what exactly has lain behind the attendance of Antares at this event?

Vue.js holds a leading position among the most frequently utilized language frameworks in the world. Ever since its inception in 2013, the number of people enchanted by its light weight, manageable structure yet capable of building large scale templates, responsiveness and usage flexibility, is continually growing, making it clear for Vue to be considered the future of front-end. Its underlying potential has been recognized particularly upon the framework inclusion into the core of world-famous Laravel and Pagekit. Now, the time is nearing to combine the power of Vue with the genius of Antares!

VUEConf 2017 - Discussion Panel with Antares

When at the conference, it has been clear at a glance that Vue is backed up by a vibrant and open community. Our team members have had enormous pleasure to dig deeper into the possibilities fuelled by Vue during brainstorming sessions held with people full of a fresh sense of ingenuity, including the author of the framework, Evan You, himself. All these to make a hundred percent sure that Antares is going to grow, employing all features of Vue to best advantage.

VUEConf 2017 - Antares Team With Evan You

Antares is about to open up a new channel of evolution driven by Vue to deliver solutions being not only brilliantly effective at reducing development time and complexity, but also intuitive in use and beautiful to look at. Thanks to this, each and every web application created with Antares will be a marvel to behold immediately. Additional design adjustments? If any at all, they will be extremely easy to make!

VueConf 2017 has made it a foregone conclusion that the Vue framework deserves all the credit it is receiving as a future-proof, ultrareliable technology. We spare no effort to ensure that it will soon become an indispensable part of the Antares project under which its growing potential will be fully tapped.

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