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Antares - cPanel Dispatcher

Entrepreneurs in numbers too vast to count still struggle to fully realize the gravity of broadening the business horizons with bespoke solutions. Why has it become a good, or in many cases – an imperative step to be taken?

The reasons are plenty, but most revolve around the idea of having the infrastructure tailored with absolute precision to all requirements of a company. Fortunately, with the innovation behind Antares that makes the development of standalone systems both quick and highly intuitive, more and more business owners chart the course for their very own software.

No one can attest to all the bona-fide advantages to be derived from putting confidence in Antares better than those who have already made that shrewd move. One of the solid examples of such is ModulesGarden – a custom software development company entrusted by the go-ahead web hosters from the Netherlands with the mission of revolutionizing their reselling business. cPanel Dispatcher – the result of that brave undertaking completed fully with Antares, is a standalone system oriented towards empowering all resellers of XXL Webhosting to easily access their accounts located on multiple cPanel servers. The application has turned out a glorious step forward for the entire company and an incontestable proof that tailor-made software is often the only right choice.

A central advantage of using Antares in such complex projects as cPanel Dispatcher is the high quality object code of the platform based on PHP 7 and the very fact of employing the well-known Laravel framework in the 5.2 version. A whole range of easily accessible ready-made solutions and examples of use makes Antares all the more favorable.

Getting started with the project is unbelievably pleasant when using Antares thanks to its handy installer which greatly accelerates the entire creation process. Apart form that, the platform provides an ingenious and yet exceptionally easy-in-use widget system which can be freely used to build subpages. It has proven supremely workable in cPanel Dispatcher where all the essential information on domains and subdomains has been sorted into transparent widgets. With them, tracing any particular details, including such collected under ‘Domain Summary’, ‘Addon Plugins’ or ‘Domain Log’ section, is as quick and easy as it gets.

Antares cPanel Dispatcher - Widgets

Yet another benefit of using the Antares platform as the driving force behind cPanel Dispatcher is the indispensable, built-in functionality of generating various data tables which can be created as pages or put in widgets. Due to the inherent data filtering, pagination and sorting properties, they are brilliantly efficient at speeding up the work. And since all that is displayed is based on the very popular DataTables.js plugin, you need nothing but a couple of code lines in the backend (without any interference to the frontend!) to enjoy the ultra-practical ‘DataTables’. This very feature has been utilized plenty of times in cPanel Dispatcher, serving as a basis for lists of domains, reseller accounts, and available packages, as well as for filters and popup menus.

If that is not enough, Antares offers a set of even more useful tools such as the most reliable external libraries (vendors) as well as the logs that can be later on filtered or sorted directly from the application without the need to check the error files on the server. For the ultimate ease of monitoring any relevant events, logs in cPanel Dispatcher come in various types – each performed action can be categorized as, among others, ‘Emergency’, ‘Warning’ or ‘Notice’.

Optimizing the management of complex software even more? With the preconfigured system of application users along with access control to individual platform components, that is no challenge to Antares! Another invaluable time-saver used when building cPanel Dispatcher is the ready-made module enabling quick creation of the API with authorization that uses client accounts stored in the system along with a few possibilities for their authentication.

Two more inbuilt components that greatly contributed to the smooth and efficient deployment of cPanel Dispatcher – the module for managing the automation of processes and synchronization with external systems, plus a notification module based on a priority pattern.

All things considered, Antares is packed with abundance of features which make the implementation of even the most sophisticated systems a plain and enjoyable experience. So next time you find yourself in a situation where your business constantly misses the target or is simply ill-equipped to cope with any long-running battles, simply follow the first-hand account of XXL Webhosting that plugged the gap in its fundamentals with a perfectly fitting system. Let Antares Project inspire your enterprise to shape up as well!

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